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WHAT'S NEW for tuesday, february 14, 2006

Rejected Icons

In a weak moment of brand-identity self-awareness, I experimented with changing my icon.

The Prophet Campy
Too dated

Googly skull
Too ©orporate

Goodnight Moon-Brain
Too blasphemous

I killed Kenny
Too dead

And the Winner is:

same old skull
Courier typeface in all its low-tech glory

New Hosting Server

I changed my ISP from Earthlink to a cheaper dial-up plan, for those of you who were wondering why the Porn Shack was 404 for four months.

I've also been too lazy to get around to re-uploading the site.

By the way, Earthlink DSL sucks goat. HARD. They never sent a tech to my home to check for a flaw in the fiber optic line.

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