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my first time

DATE: January 16, 1997 (after SuperBowl XXXI, when The X-Files moved from Friday to Sunday nights)
EPISODE: "Leonard Betts"
SCENE: Scully and Mulder rummage for a severed head in the biohazard bin

I love severed heads.

wide-eyed newbie

A year later, I became part of the "Phile community" after getting a computer and Internet access. Being a newbie, I logged on to the Message Boards on the X-Files Official Site to join in the sarcasm. Back in those days, the message boards were hosted by Proxicom and maintained by The Reaper.

I encountered many interesting people through that BBS, and I've even met a few of them "in real life". Unfortunately, Proxicom's servers couldn't handle the volume of so many posts after the debut of The Movie, and the boards eventually stopped working. When Delphi took over the Message Boards, I abandoned the Official Site.

lurking ATXF

I then lurked the Usenet, and learned how to access alt.tv.x-files via my news reader (Netscape) and via the web at DejaNews.com.

DejaNews dot-bombed, Google bought their archives, and now Philes can access everything posted to ATXF ever since Deep Throat. I also lurk ATXF.analysis (intelligent life) and ATXF.creative (fanfic).

coming halfway out of the fanfic closet

I began writing X-Files fanfic soon after I had first gone online and discovered there was such a thing as fanfic. I shared what I had written only with a tiny circle of Phile friends. With three months left until the end of the series, I finally posted my dreck.

I choose to remain anonymous, because half of my career involves editing and publishing. I had a boss who thought I was a hopeless geek for even watching the show.


There's an unfortunate, hypocritical stigma attached to writing free, online fanfic that erodes one's reputation in "the real world". Although X-Files fanfic is tolerated but not officially sanctioned by 1013, sharecropping is.

"Shared world enterprises" belong to the genre of fiction in the print publishing world where different writers publish stories set in the same fictional universe. The "Star Wars", "Star Trek", and "DragonLance" series are among the most lucrative.

Of course, sharecropper authors who don't publish anything entirely original are also stigmatized. They don't win Nebula Awards -- do they, Kevin J. Anderson?


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