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Nonsexual ("Noromo")

  • Cat Person rated PG
    Post "Audrey Pauley" 155 word-vignette of the missing scene from the episode.
  • Goatsucker rated G
    Post "El Mundo Gira" haiku.
  • Smells Like Tooms Spirit rated PG-13
    Post "Tooms" filk (song parody) of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

Autosexual (Paramasturbatory, Hermaphroditic, Polyembryonic, Parthenogenetic etc.)

  • I'm a Liverfluke rated PG-13
    Post "The Host" filk (song parody) of "I'm a Lumberjack".


  • I in Time Will Come rated R
    CSM and, shall we say, Satan?
  • My Seester, She Ees Virgeen rated PG-13
    Bill Junior does Mardi Gras south of the border.
  • Napoleon Complex rated R
    Occurs sometime around "Empedocles" and the LGM ep "Tango". Frohike makes sweet love to a pastry.
  • FBI Ball rated PG-13
    Post "TrustNo1" short story. Doggett asks Scully to the FBI Ball where Mulder comes out of hiding.

Homosexual ("Slashy")

Heterosexual ("Shippy")

  • Crucified Toad rated PG-13
    Pre-XF story wherein 12-year-old Scully shows 15-year-old Mulder her secret fort.
  • Wedding Fit for a Princess rated G cover art & trivia
    Scully and Mulder gets married. Nominee of the 2003 Spooky Award for Oustanding Humor.
  • South Parked rated TV-MA
    Occurs sometime during Season Five. Mulder and Scully go to Colorado. An X-Files/South Park crossover.
  • The Wonderful Thing About Basements rated PG
    Post "The End" filk (song parody) of "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers". The basement office goes up in flames.
  • Shippers in the Night rated G
    Pre-Movie filk (song parody) of "Strangers in the Night". Mulder/Scully relationshippers anticipate romantic interaction on the silver screen.

Fanfic Arranged by Season

Fanfic Arranged by Completion Date



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