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Fanfic Arranged by Season


Post Series Finale

9 * Season Nine * 9

  • Cat Person (1.8k)
    Post "Audrey Pauley" 155 word-vignette of the missing scene from the episode.

  • Tampons for Men (4.5k)
    Kersh shops for tampons. Post "John Doe" vignette.

  • FBI Ball (12.7k)
    Post "TrustNo1" short story. Doggett asks Scully to the FBI Ball where Mulder comes out of hiding.

8 * Season Eight * 8

  • Napoleon Complex (4k)
    Occurs sometime around "Empedocles" and the LGM ep "Tango". Frohike makes sweet love to a pastry.

6 * Season Six * 6

  • This Creature Fruitful (14k)
    Post "Trevor" smutfic. Mulder and Scully's weekend of sex is postponed by a visit from her mom.

  • CSM's Pussy
    Post "S.R. 819" vignette. CSM adopts a cat.

  • Orpheus and Eurydice
    Post "The Beginning" crossover with a Greek myth . Scully dies, and Mulder must bring her back from the underworld.

FTF * The X-Files Movie * FTF

  • 'Shippers in the Night
    Pre-Movie filk (song parody) of "Strangers in the Night". Mulder/Scully relationshippers anticipate romantic interaction on the silver screen.

5 * Season Five * 5

  • The Wonderful Thing About Basements (2.1k)
    Post "The End" filk (song parody) of "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers". Mulder and Scully's office goes up in flames.

  • Motel Room
    Post "Killswitch". Old fanfic standby: Mulder and Scully must share a motel room.

  • South Parked
    Occurs sometime during Season Five. Mulder and Scully go to Colorado. South Park crossover.

4 * Season Four * 4

3 * Season Three * 3

  • Killer Pussy Cats
    Pre "Teso dos Bichos" case file. The original draft of John Shiban's immortal teleplay finally comes to light!

2 * Season Two * 2

  • I'm a Liverfluke (1.8k)
    Post "The Host" filk (song parody) of "I'm a Lumberjack".

1 * Season One * 1

<1 * Pre-X-Files * <1

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