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WARNING! "Spoilers" for the Series Finale!
They'll None of 'Em Be Missed

Duchovny returns

The only confirmed "spoiler" is that Duchovny will be in the final two hours. It's not really a spoiler; it's official publicity to boost ratings. He'll also co-write and direct episode 9x17.

rumors and trolls

Rumors and fake spoilers abound on alt.tv.x-files concerning the series finale. Some of the most alarming trolls are:

  • Philes may log on to the Official Site and vote for who dies in final ep;
  • Russell Crowe will appear in Duchovny's directorial offering;
  • Scully gives up William for adoption;
  • all the Lone Gunmen die;
  • Skinner shoots himself;
  • Mulder has been working for the Syndicate the entire time;
  • Krycek wakes up next to CSM and tells him it was all a dream...

One day, we'll all look back on this and shudder.

decoys and red herrings

You know Chris Carter's the type of guy who'll blow his budget on shooting scenes that will never be used. He's also known to deliberately leak false information. Do you think the Series Finale is an exception?

The rumors are mostly mischief disseminated by Philes who want to diffuse what they think are real spoilers, so that spoiler virgins will discredit what they see in the Usenet subject lines will will therefore not be "spoiler-raped".

In honor of all the rumors of character death, I'm archiving one of my favorite song parodies: "They'll None of 'Em Be Missed" by Halrloprillalar. Although it was written during Season 6, it's apt for eternity.


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