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organ donation

I love the concept of recycling. I love it so much, that I want to donate not only my organs after I die, but I want to donate my skeleton to benefit medical and forensics students.

I'm a hypocrite, however, when it comes to X-Files episodes.

"Audrey Pauley" recycled:

  • the actress (& character!) from "Oubliette",
  • the organ-harvesting phobia of "Hell Money", and
  • the hospital scenes from "One Breath", "4D", and countless other eps.

This story would have worked better for me if the principal players had been guest stars instead of Reyes and Doggett. I prefer X-Files where FBI agents investigate cases, not become them -- that belongs to the realm of fan fiction.

Anyway, I've excreted a 155-word missing scene vignette titled "Cat Person" in honor of this week's episode.


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