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my cat is dead

You know that orange cat I'm constantly writing about in my occasional rants?

We were waiting for the results of his blood test. He crawled into the bathroom and wedged himself into the corner between the toilet and the wall. Our vet kept telling us over the phone that he'd be OK.

My orange buddy didn't make it. Seizures sapped his energy. He suffered laborious breathing for four hours, then after I moved him from his contorted position, he started gasping and choking for five minutes. His lips and paw pads turned blue. He vomited the saline the vet techs had given him earlier. He voided his bladder.

Then he was gone.

Oh god. He's gone. And we couldn't stop it. All we could do was kneel there and watch him die and tell him we love him and pet him and hold him.

oh my god he's gone


oh god why?

I love him so much and now he's not here anymore

what am i gonna do?



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