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damn you, Vince

First, my beloved orange cat died on Friday.

Then, Vince Giligan pens the script that sends Morgan & Wong's characters to Hades.

I'm just numb. I can't grieve for the Lone Gunmen so soon after losing my furry orange friend.

From the X-Files April 2002 Official Magazine:

[....] While crediting Spotnitz with making sure that the episode would get done at all, Gilligan still toiled with developing the plot. "It's taken me the longest of about any episode to work my way through," he says. "It's been a tricky one."

[....]"At the end of the day, if the fans of The Lone Gunmen series are the ones pleased, that'd be enough for me," sighs Gilligan.

Anyone out there feel pleased that the Gunmen are dead? Well? Raise your hands.


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