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everything dies

Well, dammit. I was hoping that Krycek and the Lone Gunmen weren't really dead.

But tell me -- all that Mytharc 101 in the series finale -- were you at all surprised? Carter pretty much explained the conspiracy in the "secret message" in the X-Files Movie CD.

more questions left unanswered

  • Why weren't outtakes or unaired clips used instead of the ones we've seen before?

  • Why did Spender believe that CSM were dead?

  • How could Spender have known that Krycek and Covarrubias had pushed CSM down the stairs?

  • How did Skinner know of Krycek's and Covarrubias' romantic involvement? (Had he been reading fanfic?)

  • Why didn't Scully offer the chip in her neck as evidence? Or the dead bee? Or the DNA from Spender and Mulder? Or her son's DNA?

Chris Carter makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Joss Whedon look like a genius. Hell, even daytime soap operas have better continuity.

Now that it's over, it's such a relief that fanfic authors everywhere can plug the gaping plotholes in the mytharc canon.


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