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New Kitten

Guess what happened when I got home from work today?

The Life Partner had just brought a cat into the house. A female cat. A four-month-old cat. Where was she, though?

She was wedged between a wicker basket and the coffee table. I could see only a nose and eyes. I waited a half hour, then called to her.

She crept out on unsteady paws, and said hello to me.

I don't know what to name her. She's black and medium-haired and has just had a hysterectomy, which has gotta hurt. Plus, you can't really evaluate someone's complete personality while they're recuperating from major surgery.

She's not very playful (yet), and sleeps a lot, but she likes to cuddle and purr.

She's not like The Orange Cat at all. But then, who is?


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