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Feedback for Wedding Fit for a Princess

I can't believe you people have read that piece of garbage.

  • "Good LORD, that is wrong on so many levels! Congratulations."

  • "...was slightly alarmed at the thought of 'satan flowers'."

  • "That was laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks!"

  • "This was such a big ball of wrong, I don't even know where to begin."

  • "Oh, my. There are no words."

  • "That is truly one of the most horrible things I've read in my entire life."

  • "Much, much funnier than any real wedding I've ever been to."

  • "if only you could see the tears in my eyes..."

  • "I am chalked and awd each of them both at the same time."

  • "That is, without a doubt, the worst story I have ever read."

  • "Rating: JD for jaw-dropping, MB for mind-boggling MSR. Words fail to describe this piece of art. Just don't write to me when you've finished reading it. And yes, that is their actual email address. So go ahead, write them for more. I dare you." - Dryad/The Grove

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