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Pencil versus Keyboard

I'm working on three pieces, by request from some unfortunate individuals who, for some reason, are not ashamed to admit to reading my dreck.

  • Secret Fort (working title) by Xandria's request
    12-year-old Scully shows 15-year-old Mulder her secret fort

  • Haunted Vase (working title) by Mai's request
    a little girl is inexplicably frightened of a red vase

  • Killswitch & Jump the Shark sequel (working title)
    The Lone Gunmen are dead -- or are they?

My big hurdle is the way I write a story; for longer works, I write in longhand, pencil on notebook paper, sitting in a comfy spot on the bed or couch.

For shorter works, I'm fine on the keyboard.

A nice thing that happens when I transcribe my longhand into digital text is the editing that occurs. I can't touch-type, so I hunt-and-peck. This takes longer, but it forces me to streamline the stories and cut out unnecessary paragraphs, simply from laziness.

Less is more.


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