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you sick people

Some of you poor, misguided folks have actually asked to archive some of my fanfic.

X-Files Most Unwanted

Please, don't hold it against them. I assure you, the rest of the stories on their sites are of a much higher quality.

Code Gremlins

Oh, and Dryad? The % sign you complain of is a Dreamweaver idiosyncrasy. %20 is escape code for a keyboard space. You must go into HTML view (hit the <> button) and delete the %20 from the bare markup, because Dreamweaver converts a copy-pasted space in the link text box to %20. A space at the end of a URL is completely useless.

I've used Dreamweaver professionally for three years. Trust me. So why does my site look so primitive? Because I designed it so that cell phones, WebTV, and palmtop computers could parse it.

More geek speak about escape code here:
Dreamweaver FAQ

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