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Suck on My 404, Earthlink

All I wanted to know was whether I could have my own custom 404 page. It took TEN MINUTES for the tech support weenie to find out. Why? Because he didn't know what the hell a 404 page was.

I was polite. I was patient. I didn't call him a fuckwit. He's obviously used to helping people who don't know the difference between a mouse and a monitor.

Here's the transcript.

The upchuck of the whole rigamarole is this:

"I am sorry it is not possible to make your own 404 page, it is not permitted."

And now my really weird 404 page will never make it into The 404 Hall of Fame. I'm devastated.

Grammar Nazis Rule

I thank those of you who've responded to my plea to beta-read Secret Fort (working title) about a 12-year-old Scully showing a 15-year-old Mulder her secret fort.

I'm finishing it MUCH more slowly than I had anticipated, because I'm inserting a paranormal/sci-fi element (time traveling monster) and I need to get the chronology airtight. I'm 97% done, but the final 3% sure is a pain.

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