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Help the RIAA

RIAA: real people, real lawsuits

The Recording Industry Association of America wants:

  1. a copy of your photo ID,
  2. a notarized declaration that you've destroyed all illegally obtained music files on your hard drive and storage media, and
  3. a pledge that you won't obtain or share RIAA-copyrighted files ever again.

Please, I'm begging you -- provide the poor, profit-deprived RIAA with as much private personal information as you can! Remember, they're here to protect the livelihood of lawyers and recording industry administrators who can't sing or play a single musical instrument.

Pimp the Vote

Come on, people! Only EIGHT of you have voted! Here's your chance to influence history by helping me to decide whom to vote for to replace California Governor Gray Davis. Vote early, and often.

fuck tha police

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