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You've Influenced History

You've helped to choose the next California Governor if you were one of the 12 who voted in my little "Pimp the Vote" poll by noon today.

ballot sub, "I voted" sticker

Here are the results of the poll (as of noon today):

Angelyne for Governor

Angelyne: 0 votes

Flynt for Governor

Larry Flynt: 2 votes

Mary for Governor

Mary Carey: 5 votes

Kitty Lu for Governor

Kitty Lu: 5 votes

Because Mary Carey and Kitty Lu tied, I had to vote for just one. Because I can't find Kitty Lu on the ballot (she is probably listed under a different name), I had to vote for Mary. I hope Mary gets 3% of the vote! Go her!

Pokin' Chads

My polling place is less than a mile from where I live.

I had to poke out chads on a paper ballot inserted in a black plastic frame that was shaped somewhat like a manual credit card burnisher. There was a white, glossy cardboard flip book in the frame, with about five pages of gubernatorial candidates listed, even the ones who have dropped out of the race.

I poked chads with a stumpy little black plastic tool with a sharp point and a fat handle attached to a metal ball chain. After I poked, I:

  • removed my voting card from the frame,
  • made sure I had no "hanging chads",
  • tore off the ballot stub (see below),
  • folded the ballot along the perforations, and
  • dropped it into a dorky-looking cardboard box.

ballot stub & sticker

The two nice ladies at the poll gave me a tiny red-white-and-blue sticker (see above).

I feel so patriotic.

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