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new page layout

I finally did it. As if anybody cares! This update notice is mainly for my personal records.

  1. I killed the left table skull decoration and replaced it with a navigation menu.
  2. I turned the HTML border attributes of solid green lines into a CSS style of dashed green lines.
  3. I edited the skull graphics for the upper left corner, in a lame mockery of a corporate logo.
  4. I added a site-wide "porn" menu item, for displaying graphics and whatever else will not fit in the other main menu items.
  5. I am using the Courier typeface for the topmost header and menu items to mimic the font used in The X-Files.
  6. I deleted a lot of junk HTML (mostly empty, redundant tags and whacked-out nested tags) which quirky Dreamweaver inserts everywhere.
  7. I validated the HTML in iCab, because I like the green smiley face.

iCab smiley

And now I'm thinking about Movable Type, which means all of this work will probably be replaced. I may have to pay my ISP even more to allow me customizable CGI scripts. They refuse to let me have a custom 404 page. Grr.

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