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Scott G. Miller Pudding

Imagine writing your masterpiece of X-Files fanfic, over which you have slaved long and hard to exemplify your unique outlook on the One True Pairing of your deepest dreams and heartfelt desires!

You post it, hoping that your readers will recognize your brilliance and sensitivity.

When you check Ephemeral after a suitable time has elasped (perhaps 20 minutes) for the bots to update, you are dismayed to find 10, count them, TEN PAGES of pudding recipes in front of your chef d'oeuvre. That's about 100 pudding recipes, folks.

The familiar, comforting logo that validates your authorial vanity has been replaced by a desecration that looks like a mass-produced plastic top hat of extruded brown protoplasm:

Ephemeral Pudding

The dozens of Recommendations you hoped to receive are now statistically disadvantaged, because readers are now rec'ing PUDDING RECIPES instead of your masterpiece. Eyeball time is being stolen from your precious fanfic!

Hava a joyous Poisson d'Avril, and many, many thanks to Scott, the loyal, overlooked admin of Ephemeral, who has FINALLY changed that damned poll!

TITLE -      Goatsucker Pudding (1/1)
AUTHOR -     campylobacter
EMAIL -      camps@LikeIGiveAFuck.com
CATEGORY -   VH (Vignette, Humor)
SPOILERS -   El Mundo Gira
KEYWORDS -   Character dies.
SUMMARY -    What to bring to the FBI potluck dinner.
DATE -       1 April 2004
SIZE -       1.8k / 113 words
DISCLAIMER - Nonapplicable: El Chupacabra is folklore.

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