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My First Songfic (kinda)

The X-Files Lyric Wheel assigns each of its fanfic-writing participants another writer to supply a song's lyrics, with which the recipient will write a story quoting at least one of the lines. There's usually a connecting theme to each wheel. This Wheel, it was the theme "Beginnings".

I was assigned to Mort, and sent the lyrics to the Rolling Stones's "Start Me Up".

Logan sent me the lyrics to John Mayer's "Not Myself". I have no idea who John Mayer is, and I've never heard the song before. But it was inspiring, nonetheless.

TITLE -     I in Time Will Come (1/1)
EMAIL -     camps@LikeIGiveAFuck.com
RATING -    R (undead sexual situations)
CATEGORY -  V, H (Vignette, Humor)
SPOILERS -  The Truth
SUMMARY -   CSM's afterlife proves unsatisfactory.

DATE -          16 April 2004
SIZE -          4k / 447 words
DISCLAIMER -    CSM owns Satan, who owns Chris Carter.
DEDICATED TO -  Logan supplied the rather sinister lyrics.
AUTHOR'S NOTE - Lyric Wheel "Beginnings" Challenge 

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