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The Porn Shack will now concentrate on X-Files-related content. Both non-X-Files related content and X-Files content are published in my LiveJournal "Nude Skeletons".


May 31 Deep Throat Revealed


October 2 Fried Twinkies

April 26 My First Songfic (kinda)
April 1 Scott G. Miller Pudding

February 25 My Seester, She Ees Virgeen
February 22 New Page Layout

January 1 Napoleon Complex


December 2 Say Goodbye to the Fake Web Log

November 26 Joy of the Rubber Skeleton

October 12 You've Influenced History!

September 12 Help the RIAA
September 8 I've Been Googled!

September 1 Pimp the Vote!

August 20 Suck on My 404, Earthlink

June 16 You Sick People
June 1 Pencil versus Keyboard

May 16 Feedback for Wedding

April 16 My Heart Will Go On
April 7 Feedback for Tampons
April 2 I've Been Banned!
April 1 Satan Made Me Do It

March 29 I've Been Archived!

January 12 New Kitten

RIP on coffin2002

July 9 My Dearly Departed Orange Cat

May 19 Everything Dies

April 21 Damn You, Vince
April 19 My Cat Is Dead

March 19 Organ Donation
March 15 Choosing My Coffin
March 8 Second X-Files Movie
March 1 Series Finale Spoilers

February 28 Ballfic and Dingleberries

January 16 Bucket of Porn and Catgrass



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